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Full text of "Index-catalogue of the library of the Surgeon General's office, United States Army. authors and subjects"

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3tt;ara, New lack 

Sis^t. of Docuraents 

3 1924 101 383 622 

Cornell University 

The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 

Wae Department, Army Medical Library, 

Seventh and B Streets Southwest, 

Washington, May ^3, 1928, 
Maj. Gen. M. W. Ireland, 

Surgeon General, U. S. Army. 

General: I have the honor to present hereXvith the seventh volume of the 
Third Series of the Index Catalogue of the Library, representing 20,570 author 
titles, 6,362 book titles, and 66,255 titles of articles in periodicals. The Library 
now contains 319,477 bound volumes, 43,166 unbound volumes, and 479,752 pam- 
phlets; in aU, a total of 842,395 volumes and pamphlets, 7,618 portraits of phy- 
sicians, 797 medical engravings and prints, 444 medical caricatures, and 512 
incunabula. Exclusive of the transactions of societies, the Library receives 1,710 
periodicals of medicine and its closely allied subjects, of which 1,500 are on deposit 
in the main library and the remainder are filed in the Statistical Section. 

Beginning with Volume VI the material catalogued under subject titles covers 
only the period prior to January 1, 1926. Author titles covering books and 
pamphlets are indexed up to date. This arrangement wiU be continued until the 
completion of the Third Series. Subject titles omitted from this publication can be 
found in the Index Medicus for 1926 and in the Quarterly Cumulative Index 
Medicus for subsequent years. 

The following table shows the number of published titles : 


Subject titles 




Total in First Series... 
Total in Second Series. 
Third Series, Vol. I_... 
Third Series, Vol. II... 
Third Series, Vol. in_ 
Third Series, Vol. IV.. 
Third Series, Vol. V... 
Third Series, Vol. VI.. 
Third Series, Vol. VII. 

Total to date 

176, 364 
169, 812 
10, S72 
14, 343 

168, 537 

611, 112 
645, 857 

412, 871 

342, 895 




Very respectfully. 


Colonel, Medical Corps, U. S. A., 
Librarian, Army Medical Library. 

Arch, espafiol. do ped., Madrid. 
Arch. f. exper. Zellforsch., Jena. 

Arch. f. Gesch. d. Math. d. 
Naturw. u. d. Tech., Leipz. 

Arch, do Inst, de med. legal de 

Arch. Inst. Pasteur d'Algerie, 

Arch. Inst. Pasteur hellen., 

Arch. Inst. Pasteur de Tunis. 

Arch, internat. de laryngol. 
[etc.], Par. 

Arch. d. J. Klaus-Stift. f. Verer- 
bungsforsch., Ziirich. 

Arch, de morphol. gen. et ex- 
per., Par. 

Arch. Psychoanal., Stamford, 

Arch, roumaines de path, ezper. 
[etc.], Par. 

Arch. Soc. d. sc. med. et biol. 
de Montpellier. 

Atti d. Soc. fra i cultori d. sc. 
med. e nat. in Cagliari. 


Archives espanoles de pediatria. [Monthly.] Madrid, v. 

11-12, 1927-28. 8°. 
Archiv fur experimentelle Zellforschung, besonders Gewebe- 

ziichtung(Explantation). Rhoda Erdmann, Hrsgr. Jena. 

V. 1-5, 1925-1927. 8°. 
Archiv fur Geschichte der Mathematik, der Naturwissen- 

schaften und der Technik. J. Schuster, Hrsgr. Leipzig. 

V. 10, 1927-28. 8°. [Continuation of: Archiv fur die 

Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften und der Technik.] 

Archives do Institute de medioina legal de Lisboa. Azevedo 
Neves, director. [Irregular.] Lisboa. v. 6, ser. B, pt. 1, 
1922. 8°. 

Archives de I'Institut Pasteur d'Algerie. Edmond Sergent, 
directeur. [Quarterly.] Alger, v. 1-5, 1923-1927. 8°. 

Archives de I'Institute Pasteur hell6nique. Georges Blanc, 
directeur. [Yearly.] Athfenes. v. 1, 1923-1926. 8°. 

Archives de I'Institut Pasteur de Tunis. Charles NicoUe, 
directeur. [Quarterly.] Tunis, v. 15-16, 1926-27. 8° 

Archives Internationales de laryngelogie, otologic, rhinologie, 
et broncho-esophagoscopie. Paris, v. 1-7, 1922-1928. 

Archiv der Julius Klaus-Stiftung fur Vererbungsforschung, 
Sozialanthropologie und Rassenhygiene. Ziirich. v. 1-2, 
1925-26. 8° 

Archives de morphologie g6n6rale et exp^rimentale. Paris. 
Nos. 1-26, 1921-1926. 8°. 

Archives of Psychoanalysis; a quarterly devoted to the theory 
and treatment of the neuroses and psychoses. Stamford, 
Conn. V. 1, 1926-27. 8°. 

Archives roumaines de pathologic exp^rimentale et de micro- 
biologie. J. CantacuzSne, directeur. [Quarterly.] Paris. 
V. r, 1928. 8°. 

Archives de la Soci6t6 des sciences mfidicales et biologiques 
de Montpellier et du Languedoc mediterran^en. Mont- 
pellier. V. 9, 1928. 8°. [Continuation of: Bulletin de la 
Soci6t6 des sciences m^dicales et biologiques de Mont- 

Atti della Society fra i cultori delle scienze mediche a naturali 
in Cagliari. PUnio Atzeni Tedesco, redattore. [Bi- 
monthly.] Cagliari. v. 2, n. s., 1927. 8°. 


Bielorussk. Med. Misl., Minsk. 

Birmingh. Med. Rev. 

Bol. de la Liga contra el cancer, 

Bol. y trab. Soc. de cirug. de 
de Buenos Aires. 

Boll. Soc. ital. di bid., sper., 

Boll. d. spec, med.-chir., Mila- 

Brit. Homoeop. J., Lond. 

Bielorusskaia Meditzinskaia Misl. [White Russian Medical 
Thought.] E. J. ZeUkson & M. B. Krol, editors. 
[Monthly.] Minsk, v. 1-3, 1924-1927. 8°. 

Birmingham (The) Medical Review; [incorporating the Mid- 
land Medical Journal]. Birmingham, v. 1-2, 1926-27. 


Boletfn de la Liga contra el cdncer. Emilio Martinez, direc- 
tor. [Monthly.] Habana. v. 2-S, 1927-28. 8°. 

Boletines y trabajos de la Sociedad de cirugta de Buenos 
Aires, v. 7-12, 1923-1928. 8°. 

Bollettino deUa Societfi, italiana di biologia sperimentale. 
Fil. Bottazzi, redattore. [Monthly.] Napoli. v. 2-3, 
1927-28. 8°. [Continued from: Bollettino deUa Societi 
di biologia sperimentale.] 

Bollettino delle speciality, medico-chirurgiche. A. Cecchini 
[et al.], redazione. [Quarterly.] Milano. v. 1, 1927. 8° 

British (The) Homoeopathic Journal; a quarterly record of 
scientific therapeutics, general medicine and surgery. 
London, v. 14-18, 1924-1928. 8°. 


Brit. J. Actinother., Lond. 
BviU. Acad. vet. de France, Par. 

Bull. Antivenin Inst. Am., 
Glenolden, Pa. 

Bull. Johns Hopkins Hosp., 

Bull. Soc. d'etude d. formes 
humaines, Par. 

Bull. Soc. med. de Saint Luc 
[etc.], Bourges. 

Bull. State Bd. Health Rhode 
Island, Providence. 

British (The) Journal of Actinotherapy. London, v. 2, 
1928. 4°. 

Bulletin de rAcad^mie v6t6rinaire de France. E. C&ari & 
A. Chretien, r^dacteurs. [Monthly.] Paris, v. 1, 1928. 
8°. [Continuation of: Bulletin de la Soci^t6 centrale de 
m^decine v6t6rinaire.] 

Bulletin of the Antivenin Institute of America. [Quarterly.] 
Glenolden, Pa. v. 1-2, 1927-28. 8°. 

Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital; (the publication oj 
the Medical School and Hospital). Baltimore, v. 41-42, 
1927-28. 8°. [Continuation of: Johns Hopkins Hosp. 
Bull., Bait.] 

Bulletin de la Soci6t6 d'dtude des formes humaines. [Quar- 
terly.] Paris. V. 1-4. 1923-1926. 8°. 

Bulletin de la Soci6t6 m^dicale de Saint Luc, Saint C6me> 
Saint Damien. Jean Ferrand, secretaire. [Monthly.] 
Bourges. v. 32-34, 1926-1928. 8°- 

Bulletin of the State Board of Health of Rhode Island. 
Providence, v. 1-8, 1914r-1921. 8°. 


Calif. Bd. Health, Month. Bull., 

Ceylon J. Sc, Colombo. 

Chem. d. Zelle u. Gewebe, 

Chinese J. Physiol., Peking. 

Compend Med. & Surg., San 

Cong, brasil. de hyg., Bio 
de Jan. 

Cultura med. mod., Palermo. 

California State Board of Health, Monthly Bulletin. Sacra- 
mento. V. 1-17, 1905-1921. 8°- 

Ceylon Journal of Science. Colombo, v. 1-2, 1924-1927. 


Chemie der Zelle und gewebe. H. Haehn, Hrsgr. Leipzig. 
V. 13, 1926. 8°. 

Chinese Journal of Physiology. [Quarterly.] Peking, v. 
1-2, 1927-28. 8°. 

Compend (The) of Medicine and Surgery. San Francisco. 
V. 5-6, 1927-28. 4°. 

Congresso brasileiro de hygiene. J. F. de Sampaio Vianna, 
redactor. [Irregular.] Rio de Janeiro, v. 1 ^ 3, 1923. 
1926-27. 8°- 

Cultura medica moderna. Palermo, v. 1-7, 1922-1928. 


Dermosifilografo, Torino. 

Deutsche Vrtljschr. f. Zahn- 
chir., Miinchen & Wiesb. 

Diagnosi, Pisa. 

Dermosifilografo (II). Gazzetta di dermosifilografia per 11 
medico practice. J. Cappelli [et al.], direttori. [Monthly.] 
Torino. V. 1-3, 1926-1928. 8°. 

Deutsche Vierteljahrsschrift ftir Zahnchirurgie. Miinchen 
& Wiesbaden, v. 4-5, 1921-1923. 8°. 

Diagnosi (La.), scritti di patologia e clinica medica. Raf- 
faello Silvestrini, redattore. [Monthly.] Pisa. v. 6-8, 
1926-1928. 8°. 


Ehe, Berl. 
Erdball, Berl. 
Ergebn. d. Biol., Berl. 

Ehe (Die), Monatsschrift ftir Ehe-Wissenschaft, Recht, u. 
Kultur. Beriin. v. 1-3, 1926-1928. 4°. 

Erdball (Der). G. Buschan, Hrsgr. Beriin. v. 1-2, 1926- 
1928. 8°- 

Ergebnisse der Biologie. K. von Frisch [et al.] Hrsgr. 
[Yeariy.] Beriin. v. 1-3, 1926-1928. 8°. 

Ergebn. d. med. Strahlenfor- 
sch., Leipz. 

Bthnol. Anz, Stuttg. 
Etschland. Aerztebl., Bolzano. 


Ergebnisse der medizinischen Strahlenforschung. H. Hol- 
felder [et al] Hrsgr. Leipzig, v. 1-3, 1925-1928. 8°. 

Ethnologischer Anzeiger. M. Heydrich [et al.], Hrsgr. 
Stuttgart. V. 1, 1926-27. 8°. 

Etschlander Aerzteblatt. E. J. Mader, Hrsgr. [Semi- 
monthly.] Bolzano, v. 5-7, 1926-1928. 8°. 


Fed. dent, internat., C.-r., Par. 

Filipino Xurse, Manila. 

Folia anat. Univ. conimb., Co- 

Folia Japon. Pharmacol., Kioto. 
Fortschr. d. Zahnheilk., Leipz. 

F6d6ration dentaire Internationale, Compte rendu. Q6o. 
Villain, secretaire. [Annual.] Paris. 1923-24. 8°. 

Filipino (The) Nurse; published quarterly by the Filipino 
Nurses' Association. Manila, v. 1-2, 1927-28. 8°. 

Folia anatomica Universitatis conimbrigensis. (Propri6t6 
de rinstitut d'histologie et d'embryologie et du Labora- 
toire d'anatomie.) Geraldino Brites & Maximino Cor- 
reia, redactores. Coimbra. v. 1-2, 1926-27. 8°. 

Folia Japonica Pharmacologica. Kioto, v. 1-3, 1925-26. 
roy. 8'*. 

Fortschritte (Die) der Zahnheilkunde. J. Misch, Hrsgr. 
Leipzig. V. 1-3, 1926-27. 8°. 

Fukuoka-Ikwadaigaku-Zasshi, Fukuoka acta medica. Fu- 
kuoka. V. 12-13, 1919-20; v. 16-17, 1923-24; v. 20-21, 
1927-28. 8°- 


Q-az. med. de France, Par. 

Gazettes med.. Par. 

Qenet. Psychol. Monogr., Wpr- 
cester, Mass. 

Gazette m6dicale de France. Bosc [et al.], r^dacteure. 
[Monthly.] Paris, v. 1-2, 1927-28. roy. 8°. [Continua- 
tion of: Gazettes m^dicales.] 

Gazettes (Les) m^dicales. Bosc & Roux-Dflimal, r^dac- 
teurs. [Monthly.] Paris. 1927. roy. 8°. 

Genetic Psychology Monographs. 
1-3, 1926-1928. 8°. 

Worcester, Mass. v. 


Harefuah, Jerusalem. 
Hebrew Physician, N. Y. 

Harefuah; a medical journal. Jerusalem, v. 2, 1928. 8° 
Hebrew (The) Physician. New York. v. 1, 1927. 8°. 

Index analyt. cancerol., Par. 

Informaci6n med., Valladolid. 

Internat. Council Nurses, Ge- 

Internat. Orthodont. Cong., St. 

Ipek. Annuaire d'art prehist.. 

Index analyticus cancerologlse public par la Ligue frangaise 
contre le cancer. A. Borrel [ei>al.], directeurs. [Monthly.] 
Paris. V. 1, 1927. 8°. 

Informaci<5n medica. Revista mensual de medicina y ciru- 
gia. Jos6 Maria de Barcena Verdd, director. VaUadoUd 
(Espana). v. 4, 1927. 8°. 

International (The) Council of Nurses. Geneva, v. 1-3, 
1926-1928. 8°. 

International (The) Orthodontic Congress; held at New 
York City, August 16-20, 1926. St. Louis, v. 1, 1927. 

Ipek. Annuaire d'art pr^hlstorique et ethnographique. 
Herbert Kuhn, director. [Annual.] Paris, v. 1, 1925. 



J. Am. Dent. Ass., Huntington, 

J. Am. Dietet. Ass., Bait. 

J. Cliemotlier., Bait. 

J. Chosen Med. Ass., Japan. 

J. Council Scient. & Indust. 
Research, Melbourne. 

J. Jap. Soc. Vet. Sc, Tokyo. 

J. Med. Ass. S. Africa, Cape 

J. ITevropath. i Psych., Moscow 
& Xieningrad. 

Jap. J. Obst. & Gynec, Kyoto. 

Journal of the American Dental Association, Huntington, 
Ind. V. 9-15, 1922-1928. 8°. [Continuation of: Journal 
of the National Dental Association.] 

Journal (The) of the American Dietetic Association; ofHcial 
organ of the American Dietetic Association. Baltimore. 
V. 1-3, 1925-1928. 8° 

Journal of Chemotherapy. Baltimore, v. 4-5, 1927-28. 8°. 

Journal (The) of the Chosen Medical Association; published 
by the Chosen Medical Society. Chosen, Japan. 1927. 8° 

Journal of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. 
Melbourne, v. 1, 1927-28. 8°. 

Journal of the Japanese Society of Veterinary Science. 
[Quarterly.] Tokyo, v. 5-6, 1926-27. 8°- 

Journal (The ) of the Medical Association of South Africa. 
Cape Town. v. 1-2, 1927-28. 4°. [Consolidation of: 
Med. J. S. Africa, Johan., & South Africa M. Rec, Cape 

Jurnal Nevropathologii i Psychiatrii, memorial to S. S. Kor- 
sakov. [Journal of Neuropathology and Psychiatry, in 
memory of S. S. Korsakov.] G. L Rossolimo and P. B. 
Ganuschkin, editors. [Bi-monthly.] Moscow & Lenin- 
grad. V. 18-20, 1925-1927. 8°. 

Japanese Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology. Kyoto, v. 
11, 1928. 8°. 


Kenya & E. African Med. J., 

Kenya (The) and East African Medical Journal. [Monthly.] 
Nairobi, v. 4, 1927-28. 8° [Continuation of: Kenya 
Med. J.] 

Lek. Wojsk. Miesi^cznik., War- 

Lettura oft., Fistoia. 

Lekarz Wojskowy Miesi^cznik. Organ oficer6w korpusu 
sanitarnego slu^by czynnej i rezerwy. [Military surgeons' 
monthly. Organ of sanitary officers on active duty and 
in reserves.] S. Konopka [et al.], editors. [Monthly.] 
Warszawa. v. 7-10, 1926-27. 8°. 

Lettura oftalmologica. Rivista mensile di oculistica prac- 
tica. Gino Montanelli, redattore. Pistoia. v. 1-5, 
1924-1928. 8°. 


Med. Bull. Univ. Cincin. 

Med. -Biol. J., Mosk. & Eeninigr. 

Medecin stomatol. Bull, off., 

Monatsschr. f. Hamkrankh. 
sez. Hyg., Stuttg. 

Medical (The) Bulletin of the University of Cincinnati. 
Cincinnati, v. 1-5, 1920-1926. 8°. 

Medioo-Biolo^tcheaky Journal. [Medico-Biological Jour- 
nal.] A. Bogomolez [et al.], editors. [Bi-monthly.] 
Moskva & Leningrad, v. 1-3, 1925-1927. 8°. 

Medecin (Le) stomatologiste. Bulletin officiel du Syndicat 
g^n^ral des m^decins stomatologistes. [Continued from: 
Bulletin officiel du Syndicat gfe^ral des m^decins stomato- 
logistes francais.] Dr. Boissier, s^cr^taire g€n6ral. 
[Monthly.] Paris. No. 55-68, 1927-28. 8°. 

Monatsschrift fur Harnkrankheiten und sexueUe Hygiene. 
K. Ries, Hrsgr. [Monthly.] Stuttgart, v. 1, 1927-28. 


Monog. z. Frauenk. u. Konsti- 
tutionsforsch., Leipz. 

Month. Bull. Dep. Health, New 
Haven, Conn. 


Monographien zur Frauenkunde und Konstitutionsforschung. 
Leipzig. No. 7-12, 1925-1928. 8°. [Continuation of: 
Monog. z. Frauenk. u. Eugenet. [etc.], Leipz.] 

Monthly Bulletin Department of Health New Haven, Conn. 
New Haven, Conn. v. 40-51, 1913-1924. 8°. [Con- 
tinued as: Health, New Haven, Conn.] 


N. England J. Med., Best. 
Narkose u. Anaesth., Berl. 
Nation's Health, Chicago. 

Nervenarzt, Berl. 

Newcastle Med. J., Newcastle- 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne & North. 
Count. Med. J. 

Nov. Ehir., Mosk. 

Nursing J. India, Madras. 

New England (The) Journal of Medicine. Boston, v. 198, 
1928. 4° [Continuation of: Boston M. & S. J.] 

Narkose und Anaesthesie. H. Eppinger [et al.] Hrsgr. 
[Monthly.] Berlin, v. 1, 1928. 8°. 

Nation's (The) Health; a monthly magazine devoted to com- 
munity, industrial and institutional health problems. 
Chicago. V. 3-9, 1921-1927. 4°. 

Nervenarzt. K. Beringer [et al.], Hrsgr. Berlin, v. 1, 1928. 
roy. 8°. 

Newcastle (The) Medical Journal; the organ of the New- 
castle-upon-Tyne and Northern Counties Medical Society. 
[Quarterly.] Newcastle-upon-Tyne. v. 7-8, 1926-1928. 
8°. [Continuation of the following.] 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne (The) and Northern Counties Medical 
Journal. [Quarterly.] Newcastle-upon-Tyne. v. 1-6, 
1920-1926. 8°. 

Novaia Khirurgia, jurnSl obtschey khirurgii. [New Sur- 
gery, journal of general surgery.] N. N. Burdenko [et al.], 
editors. [Monthly.] Moskva, v. 1-3, 1925-26. 8°. 

Nursing (The) Journal of India. Kilpauk, Madras, v. 18, 
1927. 8°. 

Papers Mich. Acad. Sc. Arts & 
Lett., N. Y. 

Personn. J., Bait. 

Proc. Staff Meet. Mayo Clin., 
Rochester, Minn. 

Psychiat. Quart., Albany. 
Psychol. Forsch., Berl. 

Papers of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and 
Letters. New York. v. 1-8, 1921-1927. 8°. 

Personnel (The) Journal. [Bi-monthly.] Baltimore, v. 6, 
1927-28. 8°. [Continuation of: J. Personn. Research.] 

Proceedings of the Staff Meetings of the Mayo Clinic. 
Rochester, Minn. v. 2-3, 1927-28. 4°. 

Psychiatric (The) Quarterly. Albany. v. 1-2, 1927-28. 
8°. [Continuation of: State Hospital Quarterly.] 

Psychologische Forschung. Zeitschrift filr Psychologie und 
ihre Grenzwissenschaften. K. Koflka [at al.], Hrsgr. 
Berlin, v. 1-10, 1922-1928. roy. 8°. 


Badiochir., Napoli. 

Badiol. Bev. & Chicago Med. 
Bee, Chicago. 

Bassegna ital. di oto-rino-larin- 

gol., Napoli. 
Bep. Pub. Health & Med. Subj., 


Radiochirurgia (La) . La chiru'rgia dell' ernia e dell' addome. 
Rivista critica internazionale. S. Lembo, direttore. [Bi- 
monthly.] Napoh. V. 19, 1927. 8°. 

Radiological (The) Review and the Chicago Medical Re- 
corder. [Monthly.] Chicago, v. 49-50, 1927-28. 8°. 
[Continuation of both journals.] 

Rassegna italiana di oto-rino-laringologia. D. Tanturri, re- 
dattore. [Bi-monthly.] NapoK. v. 1-2, 1927-28. 8°. 

Reports on Public Health and Medical Subjects. 
No. 24-50, 1924-1928. 8°. 


Rev. argent, de neurol., psi- 
quiat. y med. leg., Buenos 

Bev. d'oto-neuro-opht., Par. 

Bev. frang. de psychanal., Par. 

Bev. internat. du trachome, 

Bev. med.-chir., Par. 

Bev. mezicana de biol., Mexico. 
Bev. du trachome, Par. 
Bev. tunisienne d. sc. med. 
Binasc. med., Napoli. 

Biv. di pat. e clin. d. tuberc, 


Revista argentina de neurologia, 
legal. Publicaci6n bimestral. 
Arturo Ameghino, directores. 
1927-28. 8°. 

psiquiatria y medioina 

Helvio Ferndndez & 

Buenos Aires, v. 1-2, 


Canuyt, directeur. 
8°. [Continuation 

Revue d'oto-neuro-ophtalmologie. 
[Monthly.] Paris, v. 5-6, 1927-28. 
of: Revue d'oto-neuro-oculistique.] 

Revue frangaise de psychanalyse. A. Hesnard [et al.], 
directeurs. [Quarterly.] Paris, v. 1, 1927. 8°. 

Revue internationale du trachome. Charles Nicolle [et al.], 
administrators. [Quarterly.] Paris, v. 4-5, 1927-28. 
8.° [Continuation of Rev. du trachome.. Par.] 

Revue m6dico-ohirurgicale des maladies du foie, du pancreas 
et de la rate. Pierre Abrami [et al.], directeurs. [Quar- 
terly.] Paris, v.' 1-3, 1926-1928. 8°. 

Revista mexicana de biologfa, Mexico, v. 4^8, 1923-1928. 

Revue du trachome. Charles Nicolle [et al.], administrateurs. 
[Quarterly.] Paris, v. 1-3, 1924-1926. 8° 

Revue tunisienne des sciences m^dicales. E. Cassuto, r6dac- 
teur. [Monthly.] Tunis, v. 20-21, 1926-27. 8°. 

Rinascenza medica. Rassegna quindioinale di medicina 
biologica. Carlo Martelli, redattore. [Bi-weekly.] Na- 
poli. V. 1-5, 1924^1928. 4°, 

Rivista di patologia e clinica della tubercolosi. G. Costan- 
tini, redattore. [Monthly.] Bologna, v. 1-2, 1927-28. 

Sang, Par. 

Schrift. d. Konigsb. gelehrt. 
Qesellsch., Berl. 

Strahlentherapie, Berl. & Wien. 

Sang (Le), biologie et pathologic. Paul Chevallier, rfidac- 
■teur. [Bi-monthly.] Paris, v. 1-2, 1927-28. 8°. 

Schriften der Konigsberger gelehrten Gesellschaft. Berlin. 
V. 1-3, 1924-1926. 8°. 

Strahlentherapie. v. 1-28, 1912-1928. Beriin & Wien. 8°. 


Tr. N. England Surg. Soc, Bost. 

Tr. Boy. Soc. Canada, Ottawa. 

Transactions of the New England Surgical Society. Ninth 
meeting, Boston, Mass., October 1 and 2, 1926. Boston. 
V. 9, 1926. 8°. 

Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada. Ottawa. 
3. s., V. 17, 1923; 21, 1927. 8°. 

Vener. Dis. Inform., Wash. 

Vererb. u. Geschlechtsleb., 

Verhandl. d. Oesellsch. f. phys. 
Anthrop., Stuttg. 

Vida nueva, Habana. 


V. 4r-9, 

Disease Information. 
1923-1928* 8°. 

[Monthly.] Washington. 

Vererbung und Geschlechtsleben. A. Forel [et al.], Hrsgr. 
Dresden. Hefte 1-3, 1926-27. 8°. 

Verhandlungen der Gesellschaft fur physische Anthropologic. 
[Sonderheft zur iii. Jahrgang der Anthropologischen An- 
zeigers.] Stuttgart, v. 1-2, 1926-27. 8°. 

Vida nueva. Rivista mensual de medicina, cirugia y 
ciencias auxiliares. Octavio Montoro & Israel Castellanos, 
directores. Habana. v. 19-21, 1927-28. 8°. 

Vopr. Tuberk., Mosk. 


Voprost tuberkuloza. Zhurnal posvyashtshonnty patologii, 
klinike i sotsialnol gigiene tuberkuloza. [Questions in 
tuberculosis. Journal devoted to pathology, clinical and 
social hygiene of tuberculosis.] E. G. Munblit, editor. 
[Bi-monthly.] Moskva, v. 1, 1923; v. 4, 1926. 8°- 


West. Hosp. & Nurses Bev., 
Iios Angeles. 

Westminst. Hosp. B«p., Lend. 

Western Hospital and Nurses Review. 
1928. 4°. 

Los Angeles, v. 

Westminster Hospital Reports. London, v. 1-9, 1884- 
1894: V. 16, 1909; v. 18, 1913; v. 19, 1924. 8° 

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See, also, Jaundice (Haemolytic) . 

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Jaundice (Acholuric) — continued. 

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Jaundice (Black). 

See Malarial fever (Hsemorrhagic) . 

Jaundice (Blood in). 

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Jaundice (Catarrhal). 

See, also, Bile-duots (Diseases of). 
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'Jaundice (Causes and pathology of). 

See, also, Calculus (Biliary, Complications, 
etc., of); Jaundice (Congenital); Jaundice 
(Picric acid) ; Jaundice (Spirochsetal, Causes, 
etc., of); Jaundice (Syphilitic); Jaundice 

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Jaundice (Chronic). 

See, also, Jaundice (Acholuric) . 

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Jaundice (Congenital and familial). 

See, also, Infants (New-born, Jaundice in) ; 
Jaundice (Acholuric) ; Jaundice (Hsemo- 

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Jaundice (Diagnosis and semeiology of). 

See, also, Jaundice (Urine in). 

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See Jaundice (Spirochsetal) . 

Jaundice (Experimental). 

See, also, Jaundice (Spirochsetal, Experi- 
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Jaundice (Hsemolytic). 

See, also, Jaundice (Acholuric). 

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See, also, Infants (New-born, Jaundice in) . 

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drei Falle von chronischem hereditarem hae- 




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See, also. Spleen (Excision of) . 

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Jaundice (Hsemorrhagic). 

See Jaundice (Spirochaetal) ; Malarial 
fever (Hsemorrhagic) . 

Jaundice (Infantile). 

See Infants (New-born, Jaundice in); 
Jaundice in infants, etc. 

Jaundice (Infectious). 

See Jaundice (Spirochaetal). 
Jaundice (Picric acid). 

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Jaundice (Spirochaetal). [Weil's dis- 

See, also, under Weil's diseases in 2. s. 

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See, also, Infants (New-born, Jaundice of). 

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Jaw (Lower, Diseases of). 
See Jaws (Diseases of). 

Jaw (Lower, Dislocation of). 
See Dislocations — Mandible. 

Jaw (Lower, Embryology and morphol- 
ogy of). 

See Jaws (Embryology, etc., of). 

Jaw (Lower, Excision of). 

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Jaw (Lower, Fracture of). 

See Fractures — Jaw (Lower). 

Jaw (Lower, Necrosis of). 
See Jaws (Necrosis of). 

Jaw (Lower, Surgery of). 

See, also, Fractures — Mandible; Jaw 
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See, also, Fractures — Jaw (lower). 
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Jaw (Upper). 

See, also, Antrum, Face; Intermaxillary 
bone; Jaws. 
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Jaw (Upper) — continued. 

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Jaw (Upper, Cancer of) — continued. . 

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Jaw (Upper, Diseases of). 

jSee Jaws (Diseases of). 
Jaw (Upper, Excision of). 

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Jaw (Upper, Fracture of). 

See Fractures — Jaw (Upper). 
Jaw (Upper, Necrosis of). 

See Jaws (Necrosis of). 
Jaw (Upper, Siirgery of). 

See, also, Fractures — Jaw (Upper); Jaw 
(Upper, Excision of). 

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Jaw (Upper, Surgery of) — continued. 

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Jaw (Upper, Tumors of). 

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Jaws (Cancer of). 

See, also, Jaw (Lower), Jaw (Upper), 
Cancer of. , 

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Jaws (Constriction of) ^continued. 

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Jaws (Diseases of). 

See, also, Abscess (Alveolar); Fistula 
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See Jaw (Lower) , Jaw (Upper) , Excision of. 
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Jaws (Osteomyelitis of). 
See Jaws (Diseases of). 

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See, also, Jaw (Lower), Jaw (Upper), Sur- 
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See, also, Epulis; Jaw (Lower), Jaw 
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See, also, Jaws (Cancer of). 

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Jaws (Wounds and injuries^f). 

See, also, Jaw (Lower), Jaw (Upper), 
Wounds, etc., of. 

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Joints (Abnormities and deformities 
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Joints (Contractions of). 

See Joints (Abnormities, etc., of). 

Joints (Diseases of). 

See, also, Bones and joints (Diseases of); 
Gonorrhoea (Complications of, Articular); 
Gout; Rheumatic fever. 

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See Joints (Surgery of) . 
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See Dislocations. 

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Joints (Fracture of). 
See Fractures. 

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See Gonorrhoea (Complications and se- 
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See Joints (Inflammation of, Causes, etc., 

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Joints (Loose cartilages in). 

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Joints (Rheumatism of). 

See Arthritis deformans; Bheumatic fe- 
ver: Rheumatoid affections. 




Joints (Snapping). 

See, also, Fingers (Snapping); Hip- joint 
(Snapping^; Knee-joint (Snapping). 

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Joints (Surgery of). 

iSee, also, Joints (Ankylosis of); Joints 
(Transplantation of) ; Joints (Tuberculosis of, 
Treatment of, Operative). 

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Joints (Syphilis of). 

See, also, Bones and joints (Syphilis of). 

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See, also, Dislocations; Fractures, and 
under names of 'the various joints. 

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Jurisprudence (Medical) . 

See, also, Abortion (Criminal); Cadaver; 
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